Welcome to SA WEB

Just what you need to create your Perfect Website. Choose from a wide range of Elements & simply put them on your own website.

Beautifully Flexible

Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Screen Displays. Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can adapt to any screen size.

Excellent Modern Layout

You'll be surprised to see the final results of your creation & and your clients will experience the same..

Welcome to SA Web.
Your All-In-One Solution.

Create a website that you are gonna be proud of and HOST AND PROMOTE your business from the same easy-to-use control panel.


Main Features

Scalable on all Devices

Free Responsive Website

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Looks ultra-sharp on Retina Screen Displays. Retina Icons, Fonts & all others graphics are optimized.

Tons of Web Hosting Features

Professional Web Hosting

We are not money but client oriented and want to help you to succeed online with web hosting as a means towards a goal. We ourself have many websites and therefore understand your needs.

Whole Marketing Group

Free Internet Marketing

Our marketing group helped us to grow our business without spending a cent on advertising and we are now busy to integrate the system so that our clients can use it for free to promote their business.

Even More Features

Our Own Websites

If we need something we just install it and our clients can then also use it for free.

All-In-One Service

Our goal is a complete service that include websites, hosting, marketing and much more

We Offer More

While anybody else offer web hositng, we offer MUCH MORE than just hosting

Client Retention

Many of our clients are still with us after about 10 years and that says a lot

Top Class Servers

We use the very same servers and services as our clients so it MUST be top class

Constant Developement

After 10+ years we did a lot but we are still busy to develop and improve everything

Do You Need The Following

You need more clients

Before you can find new customers and increase sales you need to reach your potential clients and offer them a value proposition that they can't resist.

You need to adapt

We all need to adapt and Charles Darwin said "In the long history of humankind those who learned to improvise most effectively have prevailed."

You need to save money

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you and you can't spend days to earn R1000 but then paid R1000 extra in seconds.


Modern Website

Build your own modern website with full responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

SEO Optimized

Each website is build with Search Engine Optimization in mind to give you a higher search engine ranking.

Smart Wizards

We use some smart wizards to help you to build your website better and faster and to promote it online.

Hosting Tools

All the hosting tools and things you need on world-class servers and supported by top-level infrastructure.

Internet Marketing

We integrate our marketing system in stages but the sooner you join the more will you benefit longterm.


We can help you with above

Our system was designed to HELP you to reach more potential clients and in fact even help you to build a value propositon using the latest best practices and on an ultra modern website without any additional costs.

What Clients Say?


I'd like to thank you for a long partnership with outstanding customer service every time I deal with you - this is why I don't use anyone else for any of my websites or domain names.

Client Testimonials XYZ Inc

I couldn't ask for better service, and I just wanted to say once again how much I appreciate you.

Client Testimonials Kabouterland
Online media cc

Convenience, value, and service are the reasons I've hosted three businesses with your guys. Setup is a snap, the control console is very easy to use, and the support is responsive and personable.

Client Testimonials Online media cc

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